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Responsibility of protection and safety of the citizens of Gandhinagar District having population about more than 13 lac is on the shoulders of Gandhinagar District Police Force. The Superintendent of Police has been discharging his duties as the Head of Gandhinagar District Police Force.

From effective supervision and monitoring of crime and ease in administration Gandhinagar district has been divided into two divisions. Gandhinagar Division and Kalol Division.

Dy.S.P. rather popular as SDPO are the in charge of the respective divisions.

Five police stations have been included into each division and Officer of the rank of Police Inspector functions as the Head of each Police Station. Presently there are 12 Police Stations in Gandhinagar District.

There are four to six Police Chowkis in each Police Station and Police Sub Inspector functions as in-charge of each Police Chowki.

Moreover, the branches like Crime Branch, Control, Traffic Police, Police Head Quarter, Special Branch and Administration are also the part and parcel of the structure of Gandhinagar District Police Force.

Head of Crime Branch, Traffic Branch, Special Branch, Head Quarter and Administrative wing can be either Dy.S.P. or Police Inspector ranked officer. While Police Control is headed by the officer of the rank of Police Inspector.

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